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A Chilling Story of Fraud Targeting a Senior Citizen

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2013 | Firm News

I came across this post this morning on the blog of the Arizona Elder Law firm Fleming & Curti, PLC.  I think this is worth sharing with your family.  Are your parents protected from this kind of action?


Last week a colleague told us a story that we think needs to be shared. Patricia Sitchler, a nationally-known San Antonio lawyer with the prominent Texas firm Schoenbaum, Curphy & Scanlan, P.C.,
described her client’s eye-opening experience with a fraudulent attempt
to access her bank account. We asked Patty if we could share her
client’s story. Patty wrote:

This is how I spent last Thursday. I thought it might be helpful information.

I spent most of last
Thursday helping an elderly client who was scammed. Fortunately, “Doris”
discovered the scam and we were able to avert disaster. Take a minute
to see just how easy we have made it for the crooks.  See entire story here.