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Personalizing Family And Criminal Law Representation Since 1993

Welsh Law, LLC, is a trustworthy resource for Georgians facing family law issues, such as divorce, child custody disputes, support cases and property division. While these are common areas of the law, each family’s situation is utterly unique and deserves personalized attention.

Customized family law counsel is a hallmark of lawyer Michael Shane Welsh’s law practice. Learn about his background and qualifications through this link:

Learn about what to expect when doing business with this firm by reviewing the contents of this website or scheduling a personalized consultation. In his law practice and in interactions with other legal professionals, Mr. Welsh focuses on encouraging people to draw on positions of strength while solving personal and legal challenges that often characterize family law cases.

From A Baseline Of Experience And Respect

Michael Shane Welsh has practiced family law in Illinois and Georgia since 1993. He believes in educating and equipping clients to make the right choices for themselves, their children and their futures. He understands the complexity and emotion-driven aspects of divorce and custody cases. Welsh Law, LLC, lifts loads of burdens from clients while they work on rebuilding their lives. A family law matter such as the following can be a life-changing event in anyone’s life:

  • Contested or uncontested divorce
  • Child custody visitation and support
  • Property division and spousal support

An experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney can keep a divorce or custody case moving forward efficiently with a sense of direction and a long-range view.

In addition to full-service family law counsel, Mr. Welsh provides dispute resolution, including divorce mediation and domestic violence mediation. He also represents individuals, couples and businesses in a range of civil matters, such as business litigation, Social Security Disability claims and resolution of tax disputes with the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue.

Advocating For Your Rights In The Justice System

If the state is currently investigating you for a crime or has already charged you, you need swift, strong criminal defense service. Mr. Welsh defends clients tenaciously against misdemeanor and felony charges. He has earned a positive reputation for his track record of dismissed charges, mitigated sentences and acquittals. He resolves many cases through strategically negotiating a plea bargain, which can save you extensive time and resources. In other cases, he is prepared to go to trial before a judge or jury to help you achieve a verdict of not guilty.

To Get The Dialogue Started

You can move ahead with a clearer understanding of where you are going and how to get there after consulting with Michael Shane Welsh in Atlanta. Initial consultations are free with no further obligation. To arrange for a meeting in person, by phone or virtually, call 404-476-2404 or complete our brief online form for a prompt response.