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Don’t let nasty opposing counsel get to you – ask for help.

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2013 | Firm News

I have a client, a young man who has custody of three young boys.  And an ex with a history of physical violence and instability.  Came in to his case late in the process, as he was facing an aggressive attack from his ex’s lawyer threatening him with jail.  For trying to get custody of his boys in the only way he knew, on his own without an attorney because he has little money.  And he brought the case in the wrong county, and submitted information for her based on what he knew because she refused to help or give him her new information.  So she tried to have him arrested.  And I stepped in to stop that.

And I pointed him to the correct way to do it.  And he went ahead and did it.  Had a hearing on his own in the new county, with her present, and he prevailed, leaving with temporary sole custody of the three young boys.

So now she comes after him again, with the same aggressive attorney, who demands a final hearing in 45 days.  And serves a packet of discovery – questions about his assets, his background, his life – that he has to respond to in 30 days.  And then files a motion to dismiss his case or for judgment as a matter of law – that he has to respond to before the final hearing in 45 days.

He asked me to help him again.  So I did.  Asked for a continuance of the final hearing, for time to adequately prepare responses to discovery and time to investigate her claims with our own discovery before having to respond to the motions.

Her attorney didn’t respond well.  Because he thought he would be able to push this young father around.  Because the young father doesn’t have money to hire an attorney.

If you are in a situation like this, don’t let attorneys push you around.  Ask for help.  Find a way to get help.  And keep asking until you get help.  Do the best you can at the tasks you understand.  And ask for help.