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What is Elder Law, part II – after the cake is finished

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2013 | Firm News

[This is part II of a previous post – still has resonance and gets asked about.]  It became clear before the piece of cake was finished that the essential element missing from my client’s world was someone she could trust to take care of things for her.

  • To find her someone to manage her money.
  • To shephard her through her health care maze.
  • To walk her through the details of her personal injury claim, and to step in to litigate it on her behalf if necessary.
  • To assist her with her housing issues.
  • To help her put plans in place for when she is unable to make plans for herself.
  • To make sure her money was allocated to helping house her dogs or to benefit an animal shelter when she passes from this earth.

That’s what I do.  That is the practice of Elder Law.  I advocate for senior citizens who cannot do so themselves.  And lately that has come in the form of negotiating and litigating with nursing homes over the quality of care provided to residents.