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What Is Grandparent Visitation And Why Do Illinois Courts Allow It?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2011 | Firm News

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Michael K. Goldberg answers this question and a number of others related to grandparent visitation in Illinois.  See his post here. Goldberg is one of the experts in this arena.  He was counsel for the prevailing party in the Illinois Supreme Court case which overturned the previous Illinois statute governing grandparent visitation.  His website contains a wealth of valuable information regarding this issue.  See Goldberg Law Group web site is here.

His answer to what grandparent visitation is?

Grandparent visitation is time spent with a grandchild without the presence of a parent. It can be all day, overnight or a just a few hours. More and more, grandparents and other non-parents are being called upon to take on child-care responsibilities. This demographic change in the traditional American family has led to legislation that grants child visitation rights to non-parents, such as the Illinois Grandparent Visitation Act.

His other questions include –

How is Illinois’ new Grandparent Visitation Act different from the old one?

Who can petition for visitation under the new Act?

When can a person petition for visitation?

What do I need to show a judge to get court-imposed grandparent visitation with my grandchild in Illinois?

Grandparent visitation is a real issue in our families today.  It comes up in cases of divorce, in circumstances of incarceration, and in cases of the death of a parent.  His website is a good place to turn if you have questions.