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You’re Not The Boss Of Me – Union Busting In Wisconsin – Disregarding Court Order, State Publishes Law And Prepares To Enforce It

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2011 | Firm News


Regardless of what you may think of the politics in Wisconsin surrounding the recent legislation seeking to curb the power of unions for public sector workers, the people in control of the state legislature are committed to curbing unions, Court Order or not.

According the New York Times this morning, the new legislation was published yesterday and Republican leaders in Wisconsin are on the record now saying that they intend to enforce the law starting today.  Despite last week’s Order by Judge Maryann Sumi of Dane County Circuit Court in Madison, who issued the temporary restraining order barring publication of the law.  It appears that the Wisconsin legislature doesn’t abide by interference, no matter where that interference comes from.

Here is an excerpt –

A law to limit collective bargaining rights for public workers in Wisconsin was unexpectedly published by a state agency on Friday despite a temporary restraining order barring publication, sparking confusion and more animosity among legislators who have fiercely debated the issue for weeks.

State officials disagreed over whether publication of the law — a procedural requirement — would allow it to be in force on Saturday. The state’s Legislative Reference Bureau said it is required to publish all laws within 10 days after they are enacted. Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, signed the bill on March 11, but a county judge issued an order last week blocking the secretary of state from publishing it.

* * * * *

But Republicans said they believed the law would take effect on Saturday. Senator Scott Fitzgerald, a Republican and the majority leader, said publishing the law was the right thing to do and the Legislature could now focus on the budget.

“I believe, as of this afternoon, it’s published, it’s law, and we can move forward,” Mr. Fitzgerald said in an interview.

Governor Walker’s administration said it had been notified that the agency published the bill as required by law. “The administration will carry out the law as required,” the administration said in a statement.